Helping Chaplains Build Stronger Communities

Project Overview

Character counts! Just imagine if everyone did the right thing—no matter who was there to see it. That would make our homes, schools, and communities stronger.

Day in and day out, chaplains are modeling Christlike character to others as they work in our communities. Chaplains treat others with respect and love, following Jesus’ example—especially in hard times. Chaplains serve in the military, in places like jails and hospitals, in local service departments, and with government leaders.

A chaplain has two jobs when it comes to character. First, chaplains teach others that character matters. Many kids and teens are developing positive values because of chaplains who care about them. Chaplains work with leaders in the community, police and fire departments, and government to help them lead with integrity. Best of all, chaplains have many opportunities to share the good news of Jesus.

Second, chaplains also show others that character matters. They treat others with love, and they help those who are hurting. Chaplains visit and pray with people when they are sick in the hospital or when they get the bad news that a loved one is hurt. Chaplains also provide care and support when a home is destroyed by fire or a storm.

Many chaplains are volunteers—they don’t get paid for what they do. Many do not have enough items like Bibles, treats, and stuffed animals to help them show God’s love to people. You can help chaplains and be part of sharing Jesus’ love by giving to our Character Counts chaplains’ ministry.

  • An offering of $63 provides cookies a chaplain will give to 156 inmates.
  • An offering of $565 helps 100 kids in painful or tragic situations by giving themteddy bears.
  • An offering of $780 enables a chaplain to give the best message of love—a Bible—to120 people.

When you give to Character Counts, you are helping chaplains everywhere serve their local communities and share the Good News!